Effect of Offline Parent Brand Dimension on Online Trust, Satisfaction and Loyalty: In Context of Newspaper Industry

Research Article

The shift towards technological era has caused services to adopt technology to increase customer satisfaction. Although much work has been done on offline brand dimension of newspapers and its effect towards website satisfaction, website trust and website loyalty; this paper focuses on how offline brand dimension of newspaper effects website satisfaction, website trust and website loyalty in Pakistani context. The mediating effect of Offline Brand Dimension of newspaper on Website Trust and Website Satisfaction has also been studied in this paper. Offline Brand Dimensions has been studied as a result of four factors which include: Brand Trust, Brand Satisfaction, Attitudinal Brand Loyalty and Behavioral Brand Loyalty. SPSS 21 and AMOS 21 have been used for data analysis. Exploratory Factor analysis through SPSS 21 and Confirmatory factor analysis through AMOS 21 has been conducted. To study the hypothesis path analysis has been carried out and mediation analysis has also been done to study the mediating effect. Survey research has been carried out through questionnaire. Sample size included 321 respondents. The respondents included those people who use online newspaper. The result indicates that Offline Brand Dimensions have a significant and positive impact on Website Trust and Website Satisfaction but has an insignificant impact on Website Loyalty; whereas Website Loyalty is the result of Website Satisfaction and Website Trust. There also exists full mediation of Offline Brand Dimensions on Website Trust and Website Satisfaction. This research will help to devise strategies for increasing readers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

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