Introduction to the First Issue of Journal of Finance & Economic Research


It is with great pleasure that we introduce the first issue of Journal of Finance and Economic Research (JFER). Five papers have been selected for the first issue of the journal. The issue covers a diverse range of topics in the fields of finance and economics. The first article, titled ``Bank Profitability and its Determinants in Pakistan: A Panel Data Analysis after Financial Crisis'' by Muhammad Ali, discusses the internal and external determinants of the Pakistan banking sector, specifically after the recent financial crisis of 2008. The second article, titled ``Critical review of Yasheng Huang's - Rethingking the Bejing Consensus'' by Long H. Vo, examines the nature of unprecedented economic growth of China with regards to the principles of the Beijing Consensus.

The third article entitled, ``Resistance to Adopt Mobile Banking in a Developing Country: Evidence from Modified TAM'' by Imtiaz Arif, Sahar Afshan and Arshian Sharif, examines the perception and intention aspects of mobile banking adoption in Pakistan. The fourth article entitled, ``Determinants of Inflation in Pakistan: Demand and Supply Side Analysis'' by Furrukh Bashir, Farzana Yousaf and Huda Aslam, investigates those factors which stimulate the inflation in Pakistan by analyzing both sides of demand and supply. The fifth article entitled, ``Impact of Working Capital Management on Firms Profitability in Different Business Cycles: Evidence from Pakistan'' by Nida Shah, investigates the influence of working capital management on firms' profitability under different business cycles in 65 non-financial firms listed on Karachi stock exchange of Pakistan.

JFER is an international journal and aims at advancing the knowledge and understanding of the practice of finance and economics through the publication of high quality papers that are relevant for academics and practitioners alike. The journal offers a specialized forum for theoretical and applied research on asset pricing, derivative pricing and hedging, disruptive models, corporate finance, economics, financial economics, econometrics, accounting, banking and finance, among other topics. Papers that use mathematical and statistical methods in the empirical testing of theory and models in financial economics and financial econometrics are strongly encouraged. JFER highlights theoretical and practical research by publishing rigorous papers that are of direct relevance to academics and practitioners in corporate finance, capital markets, financial economics, financial econometrics, and their applications.

JFER welcomes the submission of manuscripts for possible publication. JFER seeks academically rigorous papers that will appeal to theoreticians and will also have direct relevance to practitioners in the fields of finance and economics. Technically sound and well-supported papers based on econometric and statistical methodology, especially with techniques that hold promise for application in finance and economics, are of special interest.

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