School Council Policy in Punjab: Policy Formulation without Participation of Stakeholders

Research Article

Quality and equitable access to education largely remain mere aspirations for the populace. Despite the earnest efforts and commitment on the part of Government of the Punjab as well as support of international educational organizations, the goals continue to elude all efforts. This research has been conducted with the assumption that involvement of community in the major stages of policy-making in Pakistan is minimal. The study has highlighted the lack of effective community participation both at policy formulation and implementation stages in the Punjab Province. It has attempted to point out the irritants that discourage community participation. The researcher seeks a solution to the problem by suggesting devolution of planning to lower levels to incorporate local interests and working upwards to the higher tiers in a democratic way. Such an approach will beget ownership and maintain interest of the stakeholders. Such a process would encompass the advantage of bureaucratic expertise while promoting the interest and capabilities of populace.

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