The Writing Needs of Business Students: A Teacher's Perception in an EFL Context

Research Article

The proficiency in writing skills is the most basic and important skill to achieve success in academics. Therefore, not only to ace the exams but also to perform better the students need to develop and improve their writing skills, especially in an EFL environment. Here the perception of teachers regarding the writing needs of business studentsí matter a lot, as they design their course and teaching materials according to the specific writing needs of the students. Hence, to improve the writing skills of students, it is imperative to determine their writing needs and then employ various strategies, which cater to their specific writing needs. This study aims to explore the writing needs of business students from the perspective of English teachers along with the writing strategies practiced for improvement of writing skills. For this reason, in-depth interviews of three English language teachers of a private business school were conducted. The finding to emerge from this study is that business students face major problems in grammar, Subject-Verb agreement, vocabulary, sentence structure and organization of ideas. Moreover, it was concluded that the awareness of genre and context and use of different registers in writing is essential. Additionally, it was also seen that strategies for writing skills could enhance the skills and abilities of students enormously, especially by incorporating some reading strategies. Implications are drawn for the cooperation between business and English language faculty and more emphasis on the genre based, combination of product process approach of teaching and incorporation of reading tasks.

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