Principals' Leadership and Human Resource Development in Schools of Pakistan: An Exploratory Study

Research Article

This study strives to explore a Private Schools’ System (PSS) leadership beliefs and practices in foregrounding human resource development in the fields of professional development and performance management at its six dimensions of the human, the professional,the organizational, the political, the moral and the managerial in schools. The study begins by providing a multi-disciplinary review of school leadership and human resource development, based on a framework for understanding how school leadership can help organizations accomplish their goals. Using a quantitative study paradigm, the paper aims to provide a detailed description of the beliefs and practices of leadership personnel in selected PSS schools in respect to the composition and developmental dynamism of the human resources available to them. Specific dimensions of the study includes the teaching staff, the organizational setting, the political and moral aspects of vision and practice; and the managerial components of leading human resource development in the schools. The work of school leadership in developing human resource in education is a complex and multifaceted task that involves professional, political, organizational, moral and technical dimensions. It is anticipated that the outcomes of the study will help school leadership in achieving the heightened expectations of schools in different dimensions, exploring ways in which school leadership can strengthen teacher recruitment, development, performance management and retention and identify ways in which school leaders can lift human resource development in an effective manner.

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