China's Foreign Policy Choices and Domestic Constrains: Maneuvering for Peaceful Rise

Research Article

The paper explains how the Peopleís Republic of China has developed its strategy on three different levels: domestic, regional and global to manage its interests, focusing on the objectives and choices available at the end of China. The purpose to conduct this research is to critically analyze how the objective of peaceful rise is gradually, but coherently in the right direction, by the application of ideological, economic and defense means in well-articulated way. The crux of utilization of these foreign policy instruments, reflects that Confucius-ism and tributary systemís legacy is applied in dealing with smaller neighboring states and four regional powers, both engagement and containment are adopted. On the global front, the geography of China contributes a lot in her favor, whereas several global engagements of the United States as hegemon prevent her to wage an effective check on China either through a global strategy of containment or engagement.

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