Investigating the relationship among Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Emotional Intelligence - Evidence from Teachers at Secondary Level in Pakistan

Research Article

The subject study is aimed to investigate relationship among three different factors associated with secondary level teachers including organizational commitment, job satisfaction and emotional intelligence in Pakistan. Additionally the subject study is aimed to investigate role of age and gender in determining these aspects among selected audience. In order to achieve said objectives, sample of 150 teachers at secondary level is selected by using stratified random sampling with proportionate allocation to each stratum. Field survey has been conducted during course of subject study, and results are based on research type of ex post facto in which structured questionnaire is used to gather data from respondents. Findings of study revealed that there is significant positive relationship among investigated factors i.e. job satisfaction and organizational commitment and emotional intelligence. Similarly it has also been found that there is no difference between teachers of age groups and belonging to different gender, with respect to factors under analysis including organizational commitment and job satisfaction but there is significant role of gender played in emotional intelligence i.e. females have greater extent of emotional intelligence than that of males.

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