Content Analysis of the Provincial Pakistan Studies Textbook for Secondary Class

Research Article

The paper presents the results of the content analysis of the Pakistan Studies textbooks, of grade IX and X, published by the Sindh Textbook Board (STBB). The content was evaluated against the objectives set by the Federal Ministry of Education. The analysis includes the connections between the selected content and the set framework with additional focus on the quality of the textbook with respect to its printing and publishing styles. An adapted content analysis check-list by March (2009) was used for the study. Results show quite a few similarities between the national objectives and the selected content, however, some differences could be detected when comparing the matter with the framework. The content analysis of the selected textbook also shows that they retain the content directed by the national curriculum, however the ways (examples, content of the images etc.) in which authors present the topic differ. The findings of the study highlight a number of flaws in the content of the textbook. Pakistan Studies being one of the most important subjects for the citizens of Pakistan is being dealt in the worst way. The problems lie in the selection of matter, use of outdated statistics and factual data, in congruence with the national objectives and substandard matter and printing materials. Based on the analysis, recommendations are made, including rewriting of the textbook in lieu with theory and practice, piloting of the textbook, assessment of selected matter and objective, and review by experts after two years. It is expected that the study would provide guidance to the curriculum developers and textbook authors about the criteria for the content selected and published and would also benefit content with respect to the national objectives.

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