Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Teacher's Performance: A Mediating Role of Monitoring Practices

Research Article

The purpose of this paper is to measure the impact of HRM on teachers’ performance in the context of Pakistan. Impact of HRM practices on teacher's performance has been an under-researched area in Pakistan. For the human development of any society the major share of responsibility lies with the teachers of that society, so in this study, we had investigated how HR practices affect the teachers’ performance. We proposed a mediation model in which monitoring act as mediating mechanisms that transmits the positive effects of HR practices to teachers’ performance. Therefore teacher's performance is an issue that if addressed adequately, it can speed up the process of eliminating illiteracy from the country. This study examines the impact of HR practices i.e. training & development and performance management on performance of teachers of private schools, Karachi. Cross sectional data were collected from 135 private schools teachers of Karachi through structured questionnaire containing a five point Likert scale. Exploratory and confirmatory factor Analysis was performed to verify the reliability and validity of the measurement model. The findings of the research confirm that all HR practices included in the model except evaluation in our study are significant predictors of teacher’s performance. Thus, the contribution of this study for academics and practitioners is that HRM practices in educational sector will affect teachers’ performance through HRM outcomes to increase the excellence of teachers as well as quality of education.

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