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It is an immense pleasure and honour for us to announce that the Journal of Management Sciences (JMS) has been added to Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Master Journal List with indexing in Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI). This makes JMS, the only research journal of Pakistani Business School (IQRA University) available on the Web of Science. Our next aim is to take JMS to ISI Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and later to Journal Citation Record (JCR) with a good ISI Impact Factor. As editors, we also value the feedback which shows that both authors and reviewers are pleased [...]

Dynamic Relationship between Urbanization, Energy Consumption and Environmental Degradation in Pakistan: Evidence from Structure Break Testing

Research Article

This study investigates the Carbon dioxide emission-urbanization-growth nexus in Pakistan by taking time series data from the period of 1972 to 2013. The study applied three approaches of co-integration (ARDL bounds test, Johansen and Juselius and Gregory and Hansen structural break test) to confirm the valid long-run positive interaction between carbon dioxide emission and urbanization. The robustness of cointegrating vectors are further checked using FMOLS and DOLS tests and the results validate the long-run coefficients. The results of VDM exhibit the uni-directional causality between carbon dioxide emission and urbanization running from urbanization to carbon dioxide emission. It was therefore noted [...]

Comparison of Islamic Banks with Conventional Banks: Evidence from an Emerging Market

Research Article

This paper evaluates and compares the performance of Sharia-compliant banks with their conventional counterparts operating in Pakistan. Data of five full-fledged Islamic Banks(IBs) and fifteen Conventional Banks (CBs), all from Pakistan, have been used for the study. Study period comprises of six years from year 2008 to year 2013. Bank's orientation, efficiency, quality of assets and stability are the measures used to compare the performance of Shariah-compliant and conventional banks. The Islamic Banks in Pakistan are younger in age and smaller in size compared to the Conventional Banks. Based on the financial ratios of two types of banks, we find [...]

Disaggregated Energy Consumption and Sectoral Outputs in Thailand: ARDL Bound Testing Approach

Research Article

From an economic perspective, energy-output relationship studies have become increasingly popular in recent times, partly fuelled by a need to understand the effect of energy on production outputs rather than overall GDP. This study dealt with disaggregated energy consumption and outputs of some major economic sectors in Thailand. ARDL bound testing approach was employed to examine the co-integration relationship. The Granger causality test of the aforementioned ARDL framework was done to investigate the corresponding causality effect. Results showed that, from year 1980 to 2010, productivity of most scrutinized industries was highly reliant on crude oil and natural gas. However, coal [...]

Electricity Generation and Its Impact on Real GDP and RealExports of Pakistan: A Co-integration Analysis

Research Article

The objective of the study is to present the influence of Electricity Generation on Real GDP and Real Exports of Pakistan using time series data from 1972 to 2014. The results of Johansen Co-integration test revealed that Electricity Generation, Employed Labour Force, Gross Fixed Capital Formation and Terms of Trade have a positive influence on while Exchange Rate is having negative relationship with Real GDP. In other model, Electricity Generation, Employed La- bor Force, Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Relative Prices are evidence of increasing real Exports. On the other side, Exchange Rate is negatively associated with real Exports of Pakistan. [...]

Attitudes and Behaviors of the Mobile Phones Users towards SMS Advertising: A Study in an Emerging Economy

Research Article

Advertisement through SMS is a commonly used medium in the era of technology. Companies are utilizing this medium of advertisement quite frequently. Rapid increase of the usage of mobile phones has developed an innovative way of utilizing this marketing tool. Due to the exponential growth in telecommunication industry after introduction of SMS and MMS, this study has been conducted to investigate the consumer attitude towards SMS advertisement and its relationship with behavior. Entertainment, irritation, product involvement and appeal were used in order to investigate the attitude of the consumer. A questionnaire was used to examine the relationships among variables of [...]